Dear Yultide Author Letter 2017
Dear Yuletide Author,

First off, thank you soo much for writing a fic for me! I know how much work it is and how difficult it can be! But I will be forever grateful, no matter which fandom you're writing about and cherish your story, truly. In fact, last year's story was my favorite Christmas present; it just hit all of my buttons! And I don't say that to pressure you but just to show you how much I'll appreciate what you're doing for me!
I hope you're not despairing after reading my optional details. Really, there's no need. But here's some intel to make things easier.
No matter what fandom you're writing for, this is for everyone the same:
-Don’t make your fic an total AU like both men are owners of a flower shop or something like that.
-But feel free to change whatever you need in the movie to make this pairing happen.
-No character death of the two main characters, others can die as much as you need them to, I'm not squeamish of violence. But I don't want the two main characters to cheat on each other or have terminal illnesses or something like that. I need a happy ending for those two.
-If things get explicit, please remember who needs to top and to bottom, to make this enjoyable for me. Otherwise, you can knock yourself out and be as kinky as you desire.

Now, onto the fandoms.
Burnt – Tony/Adam
Okay, I was soo feeling Tony's pain of being in love with Adam but him just seeing him as a friend (if at all and not just an opportunity for a job). And I need this fixed, please. Tony deserves better. He's there for Adam, believes in him and helps him where he can. I think he's a good match Adams workaholic nature and can help him actually calm down and bring him back down to earth. So, instead of focusing on the talent of Helene and there for chasing her, he should realize what a solid rock Tony has been. Of course, if you don't want to deal with all that "why they should get together" stuff, you could set your fic in a point of the future where they already are a couple and write about their live together. I'm sure there's enough drama Adam might make out of small stuff to write something. Or maybe there's been lurking an idea in the back of your mind about the two of them that would fit? If things get hot and heavy between these two, Tony needs to be the top.

John Wick – John/Santino
I just loved how badass John was in both movies and how everyone was reacting when they heard it was John's car and dog. So, if you manage to integrate similar things that would be awesome. Honestly, at the second movie, I was just sitting there and thinking like, noooo, Santino, just ask nicely for John's help, don't burn down his house, don't you know what happened to the guy who stole his car and killed his dog? *facepalm* And then, burning down the house of the guy you like is not similar to pulling pig tails, honestly, even growing up with a mafia don as a dad, that should be obvious and not your reaction.
So, there are many points in the movie where you could choose to intervene and change things, or if you don't want to deal with all that, which I totally understand, you could simply pick a point in the future and go on from there, where they already are a couple and totally gloss over how that happened. ;-) I don't care whether Gianna lives or dies, but if she lives, don't make her a major character please. Ares and Cassian on the other hand have somehow snuck up on me and wormed their way into my heart. :-)
As for Santino, well. Most fics I've read so far with this pairing were great. But he's always a bit, well, bitchy. Which is in character, yeah. But I would like him being a bit more emotionally well balanced and more emotionally in touch with himself. Yeah, that sounds girly as fuck, I know. But, come on. If he's with John, he shouldn't act as if he hate's his guts all the time, but at least sometimes like he actually enjoys being with him and tell him he loves him. At least if it's not a hate-love kind of relationship, which I don't want. So yeah, you can't be too sappy for me. Which doesn't mean you have to be all pink clouds and fluff. Just some emotional sincere "I love you"s would be nice? Where you don't have to torture Santino and John to say that? And just the reminder: if explicit sex, top John, please.

Hit the floor – Jude/Zero
Okay, so those two are the reason I started to watch the show. I just love their dynamic. Zero is just soo head over heels for Jude, but takes ages to realize it. Even then I don't think he gets how much Jude has him wrapped around his little finger. Like, Jude wants a relationship and stands his ground, while Zero tries to give him anything else (car, blackmail information, his real name…) only to make a huge scene and kiss him in front of everyone.
To be fair, Jude loves him just as much, because, common, who else would think it’s a sign of the love your boyfriend has for you, that he plans your fake alibis and is prepared to lie to the police because he thinks you tried to murder Jelena? Most people wouldn't react like, oh, that's so sweet you would still stand beside me and help me get away with murder, but more like, ugh, you think I'm capable of murder?
But of the two of them, I think Jude's the more logical and organized one, who plans stuff. So I think he would actually be the one more dominant in their relationship and Zero would go along with most stuff Jude would propose they do. Could be interesting to see how the other Devils would react to their dynamic, especially Zero in a normal, stable long-term relationship… Or Jude proposing and then all the reactions and the media circus… Also, if there's explicit sex, only top Jude, please.

4th Man Out – Adam/Chris
I already got an amazing fic from spock, suburban love story (here's the link: last year. If you haven't read it, go on, do it. It's awesome! The only sad thing is, it makes me crave Adam/Chris even more ;-)
So, I really liked this movie. Cause, you know there aren't many movies with a gay main character that's not all about drama and terminal illness and death, but just about a normal guy, who is gay, getting his guy. No over the top stuff… you know what I mean? Or that what it should have been. I mean, common, the girl falls for best friend is clichéd, yeah. But in 9 out of 10 cases he realizes how amazing she is and what he's been missing out and ditches his dreadful girlfriend to start dating this best friend, he didn't see that way before. And that's what I wanted from 4th man out. And that's what pissed me off. That the movie didn't end that way. Chris should have realized that he loved Adam, ditched his girlfriend and –bam – happily ever after.
Well, now it's your job to make that happen, please. Either ignore the car guy, have them split up, or have him die. I don't care. Same goes with Chris' girlfriend. She has to go away, somehow. Or if you don't want to deal with that, set your fic some point in the future where Adam and Chris are already together and write about their live. I can imagine that hanging out with their other two friends is going to be a tad different now, maybe there are now rules for guys night out, like no making eyes at each other before 11pm or the two other friends are drunk and won't notice, I don't know, just popped into my head. Or you could let yourself be inspired by spock's fic? Maybe?  Anyway, be as explicit as you want, but then please make it top Adam. Thank you. :-)


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